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Forever Shopping With: MissMash

In case you haven't heard, our Winter Collection is out and here to keep you warm and glam during the chilly season. Fashion blogger MissMash stopped by our Hamilton branch for a chat about fashion and where she came up the cool nick name MissMash. (Bonus points for rocking the Leopard Prints)


What does wearing MintyMeetsMunt mean to you?

When I walk into minty I usually know what I want... A simple clean look (usually wanting a skirt) but I want it to be fun... It means I can throw together a classy look without a risk of being boring.

If we walked into your closet, what’s the first thing we would see?

First off the back wall of heels and a side wall of bags... Then almost like the worlds worst and fickle mother I always hang my favourite garments at the front, I'm not sure why I do it but if anyone breaks in I want them to know I have impeccable taste. I think another thing you'll note is that in a small small space you'll see a bunch of basketball singlets and hoodies (I suppose I had to let my partner have some real estate in the walk-in.)

How would you describe your style?

It's a mashup! My personal style changes everyday I wake up. I usually have a week where I explore a trend but I'm always evolving style wise and I tend to mix things up a bit... I'm happy to wear sequins in the day and a slouch t-shirt dress with heels to an event. I suppose that's where I got the name MissMash, seemed appropriate at the time.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

EVERYWHERE I have such a see it, like it, buy it habit (which I'm working on) but Instagram is gold when I'm digging for my next phase. Nicole Richie, Karl Largerfeld and sinfully a bit of Kim K and Rita Ora are my usual stalks. As cheesy as it sounds I look to my mum for style the most, people think my wardrobe is insane... I have nothing on her!

What are most excited about for this year’s collection?

I think it's pretty obvious, I didn't hold my cards close to my chest when I walked in. The leopard! The bold colour and actually just the fabrics and textures. I'm not always one to gravitate towards a knit but I like them... Oh and the verge skirt in every colour please!

If you had to name one thing as your “styling secret,” what would it be?

Buy big! Not meaning spend large but I like to buy the size up and get things taken in, tailored and have it so that it really is mine. If it fits well there's no fidgeting to keep it sitting nice, fat days feel fewer and far between and I find the garments wear better over time as you aren't pulling at them to sit right. Remembering nobody is the same shape so not everyone looks good with straight off the rack clothing. And who cares what the label on the inside says when it looks great :)

Photos by: David Tooley Photography

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