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The Monochrome Minimalist

If there are two things we love they are, Monochrome and Minimalist fashion. Give us black quilted tops, oversize coats and statement skirts any day.

The beauty of a monochrome palette is it is bold, crisp, classic and everything will always go together. The great thing about minimalist fashion is that the pieces are designed to be classic and versatile yet always designed in such a way they make a bold statement. Check out some Minty Meets Munt minimalist outfit inspo below.

Monochrome Coats and Dresses by Minty Meets Munt

1. Vault Coat    2. Verge Dress

Monochrome Bustier and Skirts by Minty Meets Munt

1. Oriel Bustier    2. Arc Dress

Monochrome Coats and Cropped Tops by Minty Meets Munt

1. The Beat Biker    2. Oriel Cropped Top

Monochrome Knits and Pants by Minty Meets Munt

1. Verge Skirt    2. Vault Sweater    3. The Beat Pant

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