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Creative, Passionate, Ambitious: Helen-Jayne

Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I moved to Sydney 5 months ago from the UK and loving every minute being so close to the beach, and being surrounded by positive fellow bloggers. Working as a social media strategist for a fashion label.

How do you dress?

My style changes from summer to winter, but one theme I like to keep to is a minimal colour palette. My wardrobe literally consists of black, white, navy and grey! I love tailored pieces and then putting a bohemian spin on them. I am tempted to add some red into my looks soon as that’s going to be a staple colour for autumn/winter northern hemisphere.

What got you interested in MintyMeetsMunt?

My friend Jo Hombsch introduced me to the brand when she organised a blogger photoshoot. I was only in Sydney a few weeks so this was one of the first Australian brands I got to work with. I love the lines and cut of the pieces. They are structured yet feminine.

What's your fave item of clothing?

My favourite item is currently my mesh panel tee from Orphn clothing. It's oversized and love to wear it with ripped jeans for down time on the weekends. My favourite item from the MintyMeetsMunt new summer collection is the cut away strapless black jumpsuit. It’s an amazing fit and looks great with slides or heels.

Who are you listening to?

Currently listing to Alt-J and The XX. Supporting the British music scene from across the world!

Your Instagram name is bohochic_nlt. Elaborate!

My blog name is an odd one and always get that question. You’ll be the first I tell! I used to live in New York (which is where my blog idea began). I used to ride the L train from Williamsburg Brooklyn to Union Square and used to find that everyone dressed the same. Hipster glasses, leather jacket and Doc Martins. So my blog stand for Boho Chic, Not L train. To express individuality.

What food can't you live without?

Sweet chilli sauce goes on everything! But would have to say a good cup of tea and biscuits.

So what are you working on now? What do you have coming up?

I'm currently working on a couple of collaborations with some British brands and local Aussie labels. Have an Asia trip planned with some fellow Sydney bloggers which I am really excited about. Ordered a new lens for my camera this week so hopefully our outfit shots will look good. I'm excited for my fellow blogger buddy to come home from London. We’re planning a fun shoot on Cockatoo Island. Can't wait to explore!

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Creative, passionate, ambitious, dreamer, sensitive.


Helen-Jayne xx

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Photo credit to Andrea from Leather and Lattes blog.

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